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Some call it Disco, some call it Boogie, we call it LAGOS DISCO INFERNO. 12 smokin’ rarities from Nigeria, dating back to '76-82, compiled by Frank Gossner (aka DJ FRANC O, SOULPUSHER) of VOODOO FUNK fame. Surprisingly familiar, yet intriguingly foreign, these tracks sound just as fresh today as they did 30+ years ago. Our record is rife with horns, moog and bells and whistles to keep you up all night. Great liner notes by Dean Disi (Music Journalist and Executive Director of TYC Records, Lagos) including a special message from extreme record hunter Damian Iwuagwu (Lagos).

Following in the footsteps of amazing African re-issues of late such as OFEGE (ACADEMY LPS), PAX NICHOLAS and the NETTY FAMILY (DAPTONE), GHANA SPECIAL (SOUNDWAY), this album stands alone as the first African Disco compilation (MINUS cheesy strings and synths). Make no mistake, this is straight up tough AFRICAN DISCO!

Restored for you with loving care from Academy LPs.

Work it out!

Side 1:
DORIS EBONG - Boogie Trip 5:28
GERALDO PINO - African Hustle 5:25
GROTTO - Bad City Girl 5:34
Side 2:
POGO LTD. - Don't Put Me Down 4:37
ASIKO ROCK GROUP - Everybody Get Down 8:17
PARADISE STARS - Boogie Train 5:31
Side 3:
EMMA DORGU - Rover Man 4:37
MFB - Boredom Pain 5:06
CHRISTY ESSIEN - Take Life Easy 4:14
TIROGO - Dancing Machine 4:03
Side 4:
BLO – Root 3:24
NANA LOVE - Hang On 14:45

Double gatefold LP luxury edition.

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