• Image of The PSYCHEDELIC ALIENS - Psycho African Beat 4 x 7" BOX SET

Like most stories involving aliens this one seems, well, made up. But it really happened. For a few years in the late 60's to early 70's worlds collided and aliens walked among us.

And made music.

Psycho African Beat is the complete recorded output of this amazing group and their unprecedented music that combined elements of American soul, funk, garage rock and psych with African rhythms and melodies.

This magical moment lasted for 3 short years producing only 3 releases: 1 - 4 song EP + 2 - 7"s. Today, these 3 original releases are the most sought after and most elusive African funk records. It too Frank Gossner (VOODOO FUNK.COM, Soulpusher, DJ Franco) 4 years, 9 visits to Ghana, and dozens of newspaper ads and radio announcements to track them down.

Official release of these long lost gems, licensed directly from the band.
Most anticipated African release ever!
LIMITED EDITION (500) 4 x 7" box set including a booklet and embroidered patch!
Hardcover book-bound CD with a 32p. booklet. SHARP!
LP includes an extensive 32 page booklet.

1. Blofonyobi Wo Atale
2. Hijacking
3. We're Laughing
4. Extraordinary Woman
5. Gbe Keke Wo Taoc
6. Gbomei Adesai
7. Homowo
8. Okponmo Ni Tsitsi Emo Le

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